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Red - E - Edge Side Clamps


Red-E-Edges are a great way to ensure you won't get tuck or puckers on the back of your quilt.

 One small clamp may leave you with uneven tension....causing a wavy border.   No clamps mean you run a risk of a tuck on the back of your quilt!

 These light weight side clamps hold securely and evenly across the entire side of your quilt.   Red-E-Edges ensure evenly spaced tension so you don't get uneven borders from a single point of a small clamp.

All New UPDATED Red-E-Edges are designed to snap shut easily, open easily and still hold your back fabric with the perfect level of tension.  Also included is a lightweight, flexible ruler to aid loading minky or silky fabric.   

Sold in a set of 2.
*Sized as 12'', 16''and 19'' to fit the  quilt-able space for your longarm