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Quilt Path (computerized quilting) Rental Certification Class!


In this 3 1/2 hour class, we will load and set up a quilt top for edge to edge quilting using the Quilt Path computerized system. You don't need to bring anything with you except enthusiasm, everything else is supplied in class.

You will learn how to import your design, set up the size and dimensions of the quilt top and digital design, save the file, and quilt through a charity quilt from start to finish! 

Advancing is a bit different with a computer than with a paper pantograph or free motion quilting and we cover that too! 

This class will then give you the ability to use Quilt Path during your rental time instead of hand guiding. Digital quilting has many advantages over hand guiding and may just be perfect for you! Perfect circles and spirals, dense intricate designs can now be yours at the touch of a few buttons! 

*This class is for those who have already taken the rental certification course.

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