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Quick Change Open Toe Clog Foot Gen 4 (square throat) Machines

Increase visibility with this open toe design while still using guiding rulers on your stand up machine. Bent shaft style increases ruler clearance on the back side to accommodate nested and specialty rulers. Foot measures 1/2-inch across. Distance from needle to foot sides is ¼-inch for accurate line spacing. Works with APQS Machines equipped with the ‘Quick Change’ interchangeable foot (identifiable by one black screw on the left side of the hopping foot coupler for easy installation.
**Not compatible with machines built prior to 2019 with rounded throats unless ‘Quick Change’ system is installed. If your machine’s hopping foot is one solid piece with no split, or the Legacy Interchangeable Foot with 2 screws on the back side, you’ll need to upgrade to the ‘Quick Change’ foot to be able to use this foot and any other accessory feet included with the ‘Quick Change’ System.