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Perfect Grid Work 12


We love this one!

The Grid Work Ruler is made from high quality 1/4" acrylic. The etched increment lines are both dotted and HAIR FINE which means you can see your thread underneath them!

What does this mean for you?  Less eye strain and a perfectly placed ruler.  No guesswork with where your ruler is sitting!  A perfectly placed ruler means perfectly spaced stitching lines.

The Grid Work ruler not only has 1/4" horizontal lines, you also have 45 degree lines for square crosshatching and the 60 degree lines make it PERFECT  for that diamond crosshatch. 

The beautiful tint on these rulers is easy to see through on any colour fabric and makes it easy to find on the quilt top, longarm frame, sketchpad, floor, kitchen counter, dining room table..... you get the idea ;)

We know you're going to love our Grid Work Ruler as much as we do!