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Pantograph Cover

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Clear plastic cover holds pantographs in place. This part fits all generation models. Pattern cover is a generous 20-inches wide to protect and hold your pantographs neatly in place on the table side of your quilting frame.

Attach to your table frame with clear packing tape along the top edge. Pattern cover comes in 2 equal length halves to match the table top material for easier pattern positioning.

Position the pattern one one one half of the table, then move the machine over the prepared area to expose the other half.

Use dry erase markers on the clear pattern cover to modify your paper pattern under the plastic. Do not allow your quilt fabric to rub against the dry erase markings. Wipe clean with a soft cloth immediately when finished quilting. Dry erase residue left for long periods can cloud or discolour the plastic.


10', 12' OR 14'