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Killer Freemotion Skillbuilder Series 1 Churn Dash (BLOCK 9) - FULL VERSION


In this sample series, Tracey will show you 3 different styles of quilting for Block 9 (Churn Dash) of the Killer Freemotion Skillbuilder Series online class.  A traditional way, a modern way and a whimsical freestyle way!

What a great way to dip your toe in the water to see just how much we cover in this class.

Here's what you get:

-Piecing instructions to piece the block (if you choose)

-Drawing tutorials showing you exactly how to create the designs and motifs step by step in each block.

-Link with a private password to a collection of 3 video tutorials where Tracey stitches the blocks out for you showing you just how easy it is to work through the quilting. 

The videos are on demand so you can watch them as many times as you like, when ever you like!  Learn and work along at your own pace on your schedule.  There are no timelines, deadlines or homework.  It can't be much easier than that!