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Killer Freemotion Skillbuilder Series 1 - FULL VERSION

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Killer Freemotion Skillbuilder Series 1

(Formerly 3 Way Block of the Month Adventure)

All those flimsy’s!  You know the ones… the ones you’ve lovingly pieced with intricate and detailed  instructions only to get to the end and read : “Quilt as Desired.” 

 What does that mean exactly? 

How do I decide?  

Where do I start? 

How should I quilt it?

 If you’ve ever struggled with any of those questions, this amazing skill builder series is for you!  This class is suitable for both stand up and sit down quilters from beginner to intermediate and beyond. 

Work at your own pace, on your own time!  

Tracey will take you through this easy to piece sampler quilt (piecing instructions included) with so many ideas, motifs and fillers to quilt the individual blocks and spaces, you’ll have all those un quilted tops not just talking to you but screaming at you to quilt them!

Whats your favourite style of quilting?

 Are you a traditional quilter?

 Do you just LOVE those gorgeous formal feathers, crosshatching and continuous curves?

We have that.

 Maybe modern is more your style. 

Does lots of ruler work creating those clean lines and filler designs in all sorts of shapes and sizes just make you giddy?We have that.

 How about a more relaxed, whimsical approach?  

Leaves, curls, ribbons…free flowing and sassy while you dance around the blocks creating beautiful texture (Tracey’s favourite)?

 We have that in abundance!

 The blocks in this sampler quilt are all traditional in nature with the popular shapes we see in quilting everyday.  The designs Tracey teaches in this class can be used not just in these blocks but anywhere!  


Flying Geese block - triangles….

Star Blocks — Squares and larger triangles…

Blocks with rectangles and odd shapes like the Friendship Star, you will be blown away by just how many ways there are to treat a shape with your quilting.

 Tracey will walk you through every single design and block, step by step, with the aid of drawing tutorials.  Once you learn the shapes, it will be easy to execute them with the machine. You will also have 45 different video tutorials, totalling over 15 hours of watching time, with Tracey quilting out the blocks, sashings and borders on the machine.  

***All the video content is on demand so you can watch them whenever you like as many times as you like.  

It’s the perfect combination to guarantee your success and expand your creativity while growing your skills. With all the different styles and variations Tracey teaches in this class, you will literally have 100's of ways to use the designs in ANY quilt any time. How's that for filling the creative toolbox?

As an added bonus, you will also have direct teacher support and a community of other students in a closed group on Facebook.  This is a fabulous place to ask questions, share your successes, post photos, get advice and cheer each other on as you work through the class.


Put on your seatbelt and get ready let your creativity soar!


We look forward to seeing you in class. :)