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Quick Change Foot Kit plus Scoop Foot!

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This complete accessory kit includes the ‘Quick-Change’ hopping feet designed for ‘Stand-Up’ machines with a square throat.

The Kit includes:

The ‘Clog’ foot-True 1/4" foot in both closed and open toe designed for both rulers and detail work.

The ‘Flip Flop’ foot – a low profile foot with a closed toe, is perfect for guiding around applique patches freehand, and the ‘Sneaker’ foot. A low profile foot with an open toe that gives you maximum visibility when rulers are not required.
*Also included is the 'Scoop Foot' - designed for stand-up quilters doing pantographs and Quilt Path.
The rounded bottom helps prevent the quilts endges from flipping over as you move off the quilt and back on again.
An additional mounting screw and handy scissors for trimming stray thread are included with this kit.

**This item is only for machines that have the ‘Quick Change’ hopping foot coupler already installed on their machines. **Not compatible with machines built prior to 2019 with rounded throats unless ‘Quick Change’ system is installed. If your machine’s hopping foot is one solid piece with no split, or the Legacy Interchangeable Foot with 2 screws on the back side, you’ll need to upgrade to the ‘Quick Change’ foot to be able to use this foot and any other accessory feet included with the ‘Quick Change’ System.