BLUE LINE ERASER - 3 pce kit

BLUE LINE ERASER - 3 pce kit

  • $32.00

This 3pce set is the perfect starter pack for your marking/removing arsenal!

The Kearing markers are the best on the market for keeping the line flowing, especially when you want to mark a nice long spine line.  No more 6" of blue and the marker runs out.

The BLUELINE© product is fantastic for getting those blue lines out.  The 8oz bottle has a mister to spray on the fabric for larger areas or you can fill the eraser applicator with the product  and apply the liquid precisely on the line to remove it.

Markers also sold separately.

Kit includes 1- 8oz bottle of Blue Line Eraser

                    1- Kearing Water Soluble Marker

                    1- Refillable Eraser Pen