• 3 Way Block of the Month Adventure!

3 Way Block of the Month Adventure!

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3 Way Block of the Month Sampler Quilt

***This purchase comes with a digital download so please watch for it in your email! 

Does the term "Quilt as Desired" make you as crazy as it does me?  All those intricate instructions for piecing the quilt and and the end it simply reads:

"Quilt as Desired" (What does that even mean?)

This adventure isn't your regular BOM.  It comes with a HUGE BONUS!  Each and every month comes with 3 different ways to quilt each block!

Drawing tutorials as well as on demand VIDEO of the quilting process.

 At the end, when your top is together, you will have 36 different and creative ways to treat each block!! No 'quilt as desired' here!

Follow along each month as Tracey opens up the creativity highway with this uniquely different way of approaching a block of the month challenge!

Here's how it works:

On the 1st Saturday of each month, you will receive the BOM with instructions for piecing that particular block. You will also get a link along with your own personal password which will take you to  video tutorials where Tracey will show you not 1, not 2, but 3 different ways to quilt that block!
In the videos, Tracey will begin with a freehand lesson on the motif or motifs used in the block.  Then you’ll move over to the machine so you can watch as she stitches out each design.
There will also be lots of quilty tricks, hints and tips along the way.

The lessons are brought to you in a video on demand format which means you can watch them whenever you like as many times as you like!
At the end of 12 months you will have 12 different blocks for your sampler quilt complete with 36 DIFFERENT ways to quilt them! Just think of the limitless possibilities!

How cool is that?

Wait, it gets even better! Have a question? Need some help?
No problem, we have that covered as well. As an exclusive member of Whirls n Swirls Creative Quilting Academy, you will have access to our private forum where you can ask Tracey questions, get advice, encouragement, support and meet other quilters just like yourself. We are all in this quilting journey together so it’s nice to have a tribe with which to share our love of quilting.

When you join in for this educational packed skill building techniques class, your creative juices will get pumping and you will begin to see blocks in a whole different light. They will literally 'speak' to you.

The possibilities are endless!

Tracey will give you each block in 3 different styles:
-Freehand Style ala Tracey 

The BEST part? 

You never lose access to the tutorials!  You can watch them as many times as you like for as long as you want!

 You will spend 12 months learning along with Tracey as she guides you through the creative process.
It is sure to be a fun and informative experience for any quilter at any skill level whether you are a stand up longarm quilter or a sit down quilter, this adventure is for you!

How's this for an added BONUS
At the end of the 12 months, you will also receive 3 different treatments for the sashing and borders to go with your favourite of the 3 different styles. You can’t finish a quilt without border and sashing designs now can you?

Let’s recap:

Each month you will receive:
-PDF of the block of the month with piecing instructions
-Video tutorial including:
- freehand drawing lesson of the motif/designs
-drawing out the designs
-stitching out the designs
-Quilty tips and tricks to help with flatlining that learning curve
-Ongoing teacher support in a private forum group



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