Ultimate Longarm Techniques Class Series 1 - Curves and Curls and Leaves, OH MY!!

  • $149.00

Class begins May 27th!


Have you been dreaming of making gorgeous quilts with your longarm, but you feel intimidated and don’t know where to even start?


We’ve all faced those feelings as beginners and even skilled quilters, including me. As a self-taught longarm quilter myself, I understand how difficult it can be to accomplish your goals without a mentor for guidance and support, always wondering how to do something or if you are even “doing it right”.


That’s why I’ve created a special longarm online class series to share my knowledge to help you reach your dreams with the support of an entire quilting community! You may be in a big city or on a remote island, but you are not alone.


This six-week online class is designed to teach you everything from how to select the proper thread and batting to achieve the look you want to how to design and quilt your project. You’ll stretch your boundaries, increase your skills, and have FUN! And best of all, it’s completely interactive!

How It Works…


Unlike sitting in a boring lecture hall, this interactive 6-week class will take place through a virtual private classroom on Facebook where you’ll have 24/7 access. You will work right along with me as we complete a wonderful freehand-quilted wall hanging together! You’ll discover how easy it is to dump that intimidation as we break everything down into simple, bite-size pieces with baby steps. Then you’ll see how those little baby steps will combine to help you create a masterpiece!

  • You’ll receive an exclusive, free PDF pattern to download upon registration and checkout so that you can piece the class sample and work right along with each video lesson.
  • Each week you’ll receive a new video lesson that shows you how to easily conquer techniques step-by-step.
  • You’ll have exclusive access to all of the discussions, any time, day or night! You will be able to share photos and ideas with the group, and I will personally answer all your questions as you complete each lesson.
  • The course doesn’t close so you can work at your own pace!
  • Each lesson is designed to help you build a strong foundation while encouraging your personal creativity. I will provide different ideas as we go to help you make the quilt your own. Not that into leaves? No problem…how about just curls?
  • We’ll use 3 of my favorite Quilter’s Groove rulers for class; with your registration you’ll receive a special discount code to save 15% off these great tools that take quilting from plain to just plain amazing!
  • Watch for a welcome email from me within a few hours of your registering for a tiny change I made to the piecing of the pattern and a class supply list. :)

What You’ll Learn…


  • Learn how to choose the best batting, thread and needles to give you an amazing quilt
  • Discover how to stitch in the ditch and learn the basic “bones” of ruler work, including straight and curved cross hatching
  • Learn how to tackle block and medallion designs
  • Find out tricks for handling border and sashing designs
  • Uncover secrets to dividing negative space to create fabulous design opportunities
  • Find out how to handle piano key quilting to tame borders
  • Learn more about design placement and choosing designs

Benefits for you…


  • Work at your own pace, in your own home, on your own machine
  • Feel more confident about your longarm
  • Keep unlimited access to all six lesson videos
  • Receive ongoing direct instructor interaction and support
  • Network with other quilters and share ideas
  • Use the open forum for questions and support
  • Develop skills you’ve been afraid to try
  • Have a finished quilt when the course is complete!


You get all this for less than the cost of a single 4-hour hands-on class at a quilting show!