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Marking/Removal Tools

Lots of options here for those who prefer to mark their quilts.  Blue water soluble markers are great for lighter fabrics and the mechanical chalk pencils are perfect for darker fabrics. Take a look!

 Have a favourite product you'd like to see here?  Send in a request and we will be happy to bring it in for you.

BLUE LINE ERASER - 3 pce kit

This 3pce set is the perfect starter pack for your marking/removing arsenal! The Kearing markers are the best on the market for keeping the line flowing, especially when you want to mark a nice long spine line.  No more 6" of blue and the marker runs out. The BLUELINE© product is fantastic for getting those blue lines out.  The 8oz...

Kearing Blue Water/Air Soluble Marker -- Medium Tip

The best water soluble marker EVER! Stays fresh and clear even when marking those long spines.Added Bonus...the other end is Air Eraseable!  Great for quick reference dots or marking when you're quilting on the fly and you don't need the marks to last very long.  Perfect Pair. Blue marker comes in Fine too!

KEARING Blue Water Soluble Marker--FINE

The best water soluble marker EVER!  Stays fresh and clear even when marking those long spines. Blue marker comes in either Fine or Medium and White for those darker fabrics. Purchase individually or as a 3pce set  

Fonz and Porter Mechanical Chalk Pencil

Refillable mechanical pencil in white is great for those darker fabrics.

Ultimate Pounce Powder Kit

The easiest and fastest way to transfer stencils of any kind.  Iron off or wash out to remove. Comes with pounce pad and 2oz bag of white pounce powder.